ZO Skin Health

With ZO®SKIN HEALTH at Dr Jasmin Aesthetics, our aim is to provide a comprehensive range of medical grade solutions that will restore skin to a healthy state. From correcting sun damage and pigmentation to preventing new damage + protecting against future damage.

ZO Skin Health products are not available to purchase online in the UK. They should only be used following a thorough consultation with an expert practitioner. Further information about the entire ZO Skin Health range at zoskinhealth.com


Dr J, thank you so much for introducing me to ZO. I never knew anything about skin and have always found my skin to be dull with textural issues. After watching your skin lives, I decided to give ZO a go and invest in a medical grade skincare routine- especially now during lockdown. I'm in LOVE with the products!! The exfoliator is incredible and the whole range feels like it's doing so much to my skin. I've started using the retinol this week and my skin is beginning to get a bit dry and flaky, which I now know means repair is taking place. I'm so excited for all the change to come. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH ❤️❤️❤️!!!

Hi Dr Jasmin,
I just wanted to say.. Thank you SO MUCH for recommending the ZO skincare line.
I’ve used the eye cream twice and can see a HUGE difference in my under eye area. It’s become brighter and smoother.. and God knows how many eye creams I’ve used in the past with little to no effect. I am just in awe of this product.
The ZO Skincare products are AMAZING. I’ve recommended them to my whole family!!
I can’t thank you enough for sharing your skincare routine and keeping it real 💯%

I have suffered from adult acne and it's something which has depressed me and really affected my self esteem. I had spent thousands on skincare that didn't do anything at all. I really was hopeless until you introduced me to ZO Skin Health. After going onto the aggressive acne regime, in only 1 month my acne has completely cleared. My pigment has faded tremendously and the textural issues are also improving. I cannot express how grateful I am. I'm feeling so much more confident and feel like I don't always need to wear makeup! Thank you so much Dr Jasmin.

For the past year I had patches of pigment on my cheeks and forehead and didn't understand what these were. No matter what I tried, they never went completely. After having a consultation with Dr Jasmin, I found out that I was suffering from Melasma. A hormonal condition, which causes pigments to appear when exposed to sun. I started a hyperpigmentation program and finally my pigment is fading! I know that it's going to take a few months to clear completely, but I am so happy with the progress!



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